Photo Walk-abouts: Photographing People Workshop

Workshop: Photographing People

2 Hour / 8 Person Max (Click here for full calendar)

You long to photograph people but you're still unsure as to how to approach people and how to capture their essence. In this workshop we will begin by briefly looking at the work of some great portrait and street photographers. We'll talk about what makes a great portrait shot and ways to engage your subject. You will learn about composition and posing, how to analyze the light, when to use flash, and other tricks of the trade and then you'll practice on location. This workshop is appropriate for all levels of photographers from beginners to advanced amateurs and for all types of cameras. It is best if you have an understanding of the functions on your camera but not absolutely necessary.

All workshops will be 2 hours long, limited to 8 participants total and $60 each. Historical commentary will not be included in the workshops; we will focus solely on photography.

Recent Reviews

"I feel so much better about my camera after the F-stops, Shutter Speeds, and All That workshop. Before I was only able to shoot on auto but now I know how to do so much more". - Traci S, New York, New York

"The Greenwich Village tour was the highlight of our NY trip. We learned so much about photography and also interesting facts about the village. If you want to see in new and different ways then this tour is for you." - Justin and Louise, San Diego, CA

"My husband sent me on the Central Park tour as a surprise during our New York trip. He immediately noticed how different my photos from the tour were and I learned a lot from shooting and then reviewing the photos. - Sandra K, Denver, CO

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